February 16, 2011

Lately I've been quite curious about the late Japanese artist Tsunehisa Kimura.
He made photomontage (yes that's right pre-Photoshop!) artworks depicting epic collisions of familiar landscapes with surreal additions.
Colossal end-of-the-world types of visions.

One of his artworks 'Waterfall' has been used as a record cover for not one but THREE albums.
That idea of one artwork visually representing three totally different types of music totally blows my mind.
Most recently it appears beautifully, and in my opinion most successfully, on Cut Copy's new record.

but it can also bee seen on Paul Schutze's 'Site Anubis'

and again on Climax Blues Band's 'Flying The Flag'
I found this out when my buddy Julius bought it in a thrift shop because he was so startled by the cover. The 'Flying The Flag' cover is credited as Kimura's artwork, but then some noodle (probably from the record label) has put in the addition of a dodgy out-of-proportion yacht.
good work guys! geeez!

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